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How to avoid CCTV cameras

How to be incognito in the real world

5 min read
The surveillance state is here, watching you from when you leave your apartment all the way to work, the mall, and the club. It...

ExpressVPN and HP provide VPN protection to PC users

1 min read
Editor's note: This post was originally published on September 30, 2019. Since we first posted this announcement, our partnership with HP has expanded so that...
An illustration of a crowd of people, all wearing masks, under a surveillance camera.

Covid-19’s biggest casualty will be the further degradation of our individual privacy

4 min read
History, as they say, often repeats itself. And we’ve definitely seen this before. It took a cataclysmic event to sow the first seeds of the...
A pigeon with a pair of binoculars.

How do advertisers always know where you are?

2 min read
To build a profile of you, advertisers can gather a multitude of information. They can follow you around the web using a tracking code,...
Facebook app icon with surveillance notification alert.

What is Off-Facebook activity, and what does it reveal about your online activity?

2 min read
Facebook harvests a lot of your data, even when you’re not actually using it. Now, finally, Facebook is letting you see and delete that...
The Android logo, but angry. It looks like it's been infected with WolfRAT.

New Android malware targets Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp

2 min read
A new Android zero-day exploit, targeting primarily Thai users, has been uncovered by security researchers at Talos Intelligence. Dubbed WolfRAT, the malware is based on...
Laptop with a video camera icon with a lock on it.

How to secure your video-conferencing apps

2 min read
If you are working from home right now, chances are you are relying heavily on at least one video-conferencing app to conduct all your...
A sinister hand emerges from a laptop screen.

What is cybercrime? 5 types and examples of cybercrime explained

4 min read
Think about large-scale heists and it’s normal to conjure an image of a group of thieves robbing a bank, whisking away cash in black...
An illustration of a massive iceberg, with only the tip showing above the water.

Why you can’t judge a VPN by its server count

6 min read
When it comes to choosing a VPN company, there are many things you'll want to take into account, such as do they provide good...
An illustration of a leaking computer cable viewed through a magnifying glass.

ExpressVPN leak testing tools

6 min read
The ExpressVPN Leak Testing Tools are an extensible suite of Python tools designed for both manual and automated leak testing of VPN applications. Developed by...
ExpressVPN server rises from the ashes.

How ExpressVPN keeps its web servers patched and secure

8 min read
This article explains ExpressVPN’s approach to security patch management for the infrastructure running the ExpressVPN website (not the VPN servers). In general, our approach...
A map location pin with an image of the covid-19 virus.

Survey: Americans distrust contact-tracing apps but are willing to use them for the greater...

4 min read
Big tech got a thumbs down in ExpressVPN’s last survey about American attitudes towards privacy, and while things have changed slightly since the emergence...
A CCTV camera glares at a grocery bag.

Contactless supermarkets are here. But at what cost?

5 min read
Contactless stores and delivery options have shot into the mainstream thanks to the spread of Covid-19, and it’s very possible that they’ll be an...
A whip with the lashes made from a stream of ones and zeroes.

What is cybertorture? How our minds are vulnerable to online experiences

3 min read
What will change if we are forced to move our social circle to virtual lands, browse the web anonymously, and stay permanently at home?...

ExpressVPN beta launches Lightway, a VPN protocol for the modern internet

2 min read
Most VPN services rely on a standard set of protocols—methods by which your device connects to a VPN server—each with its own strengths and...

ExpressVPN adds help guides to its iOS and Android apps

1 min read
At ExpressVPN, we take pride in our customer support, offered by real people working around the clock.  Recently, we’ve made it even easier for customers...

ExpressVPN rolls out apps and browser extensions in over a dozen languages

1 min read
Online privacy and security are fundamental rights no matter what language you speak. That’s why ExpressVPN is proud to say we now offer our apps...